Sexy new voice hits airwaves



Charmaine Noy
Charmaine Noy


By David Mendes

She’s bright, she’s beautiful and she has an incredibly sexy voice. Charmaine, or “Commander Noy” as she’s affectionately known to listeners, is one of 567MW Cape Talk’s newest female voices, and her star’s definitely on the rise. She currently co-presents Juice & Jam with Bobby Brown on Saturday mornings and also handles the weekday traffic reports.

David Mendes caught up with her earlier this week. 

Could you tell us a bit about your background?

A lot of my time growing up was spent travelling back and forth between my mom, dad and boarding school. Needless to say, I’ve developed a great skill in packing suitcases. (I’m willing to hire out my expertise at a nominal fee!) I have some fantastic memories with my mother. We were always travelling somewhere or discovering interesting places.

How did you get involved in radio?

By pure chance. After studying graphic design, the personnel agency I was listed with had a temp assignment at Cape Talk to assist with recruitment at start-up in ’97. A month later I was offered a permanent position and it’s been an exciting ‘ride’ since.

What do you most enjoy about this field?

It’s current, it’s vibey and time’s flexible.

Is this ultimately what you see yourself doing?

I have to employ the industry cliché: “The only constant is change!”

What are your other interests and hobbies?

I love the arty-crafty thing. There’s nothing more satisfying than creating something that costs 10 times less than it would have in the store, and when not in direct competition with retailers, I love getting out into the countryside. It has been said that the colour green is a stress reliever, so I try to find vast expanses of it.

Many people describe you as being beautiful. How has the exposure you’ve received and comments such as these affected you? Do you feel the need to prove you are intelligent as well?

Oooh! They say that? (she asks coyly) Thank you. No, I know the light’s on, but people will ultimately decide for themselves just how far the dimmer switch has been turned. Besides, about 70 percent of life is based on opinion anyway.

What’s it like working with Martin Bailie?

Fabulous! He’s soft-hearted, unbelievably even-tempered and full of the joie de vivre. Try that with an Irish accent! We’re still working on his dress sense!

You got married a few months ago. How did you meet and has married life required a lot of adjusting?

We met through a friend and previous colleague of mine, to whom I’m eternally grateful. (10 points!) No, I wouldn’t say marriage has required a lot of adjustment. I think going from one to two is the adjustment. Marriage – a recommended institution!

How does Marshall (Charmaine’s husband) feel about you having to get up at the crack of dawn to do your stint at Cape Talk?

Would you believe me if I said that almost every morning he’s walked me to my car, closed the garage door behind me, listened to my show and been my most objective critic? I lie not! Forget wonderbras; that’s support!

What inspires you?

Food helps!

What are your pet peeves?

People who respond to issues purely on emotion. Deep breath, think, speak! Are men really afraid that their genitals might suddenly disappear?! They do an awful lot of checking! And, of course, bad driving – where do I begin?

Being on the go the whole day, when do you get to sleep?!

Given the chance, all day. Otherwise, about seven hours at night and about an hour some time during the day.