I can see your heart beat



By David Mendes


Imagine being able to tell in advance if someone’s about to have a heart attack, just by looking at them. How about being able to instantly spot if your child has been taking drugs by surveying the air around them afterwards? Or if a friend’s blood pressure is dangerously high just by hearing their voice on the phone. While you might think it impossible, well-known medical intuitive Chris Rall claims it isn’t!

I first heard of Chris when listening to a radio programme hosted by John Maytham. John was promoting an interview with Chris on the next show and said he’d been amazed by what another medical intuitive had once told him. Although sceptical beforehand, he decided to give the woman in question the benefit of the doubt. Much to his surprise, just by chatting to him on the phone, she was able to work out what ailments he suffered from. He was convinced.

Maytham being convinced by someone like that, I thought. She really must have been good!

Naturally, I made a point of listening to the interview with Chris. By the end of it, the general consensus of callers and the talk show host was that he appeared to have a unique gift.

I recently decided to get in touch with Chris myself, setting up an interview after successfully getting hold of his number.

When we met, Chris told me that as a child he saw what resembled a see-through cloud of smoke around people. Believing this to be normal, he was later surprised to discover others didn’t. Although his mother was very open-minded about it, his father wasn’t as convinced initially. He also grew up in a small, conservative mining community, which didn’t always make things easy. But he didn’t let it get him down and just learnt to keep quiet about it around certain people.

While at school, he found out that what he was seeing was referred to in books as the aura. To those not in the know, the aura is supposedly an energy field that permeates and surrounds all things. According to an Internet article, most people can see it if they wear aura goggles containing pinacyanole bromide filters.

Because Chris thought he wouldn’t be able to make a living out of reading auras, he opted to follow a more conventional career path and qualified as an electrician. He was still interested in learning more about it and the human body, though, so he studied anatomy and physiology. He also became a close friend of the Academy of Metaphysical Studies founder, Katharine Lee, and it was during this time that he says his abilities increased two- to threefold.

So what exactly can he do, you might ask?

Well, Chris has obviously had to explain this many times before and managed to make it sound straightforward to me. Basically, he said he sees several spinning vortices of light, called chakras, in the aura, which are made up of different colours reflecting our health, character, mental activity and emotional state. Normally several different layers extend outwards to around three feet around the body. According to Chris, some very spiritual people have auras as large as multiple-storey buildings.

A claim I found startling was that he said he can see inside the body! All he has to do is focus on the outer edges, and the internal organs soon become visible. When scanning the internal organs of clients, he said he sometimes notices signs of disease, often long before the onset of symptoms. By way of example, a distortion over the pancreas could indicate future diabetes.

However, Chris was at pains to emphasise that he is not a doctor and is therefore not legally allowed to make definite medical diagnoses or prescribe drugs. Despite this, he is able to suggest clients make changes to their lifestyles, such as improving nutrition, adopting various relaxation techniques and becoming more spiritually aware. He also often refers people to appropriate medical specialists.

Some of Chris’s assessments are done over the phone. By shifting his frequency to that of the person on the other end, he says he’s able to detect any medical problems present. During the radio interview I heard, he did this and only one caller claimed he was wrong.

Everything he told me about my physical health the day we met was also right. For instance, he picked up that I was experiencing pain in my lower back and even went as far as to tell me which vertebrae were involved! I tested him out on a few workmates as well, and they told me afterwards that they were impressed by what he’d said. Some asked for his number so they could set up appointments with him.

Are we all just suckers who’ve been conned into believing in something many scientists say can’t possibly exist?

I guess it’s possible, but I very much doubt it though!